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I have personally done business with Pacific Pilothouse since 2005, I’ve been extremely impressed with the yacht quality fit and finish and the wide diversity of his product offering. Pacific Pilothouse brings boat builders and consumers so many great options and configurations to choose from. Pacific Pilothouse is a great option for builders who wish to expand their product line cost effectively or boaters who wish to modify an existing boat to suit their needs. Their willingness to work closely with customers’ needs and their fast delivery capabilities make them a pleasure to do business with. I would highly recommend to anyone Pacific Pilothouse and Ed’s team, he will consistently deliver an extremely high quality product to meet your needs.
John R Hotz
Hotz Consulting Group LLC

We came off a wave with no back and the boat landed flat from about 12’ - the crash was so hard it ripped the seats off the mounts. I inspected the Wheelhouse for cracks. I expected to see them. Nothing. The eye of Tropical Storm Eduardo was only 100 miles away. It rained so hard we could not see over the bow. The wheelhouse did not leak a drop. In Key West Florida we endured TS FAY, Hurricane GUSTAV, Hurricane HANNA, and Hurricane IKE in seas as big as 12’ and gusts of wind up to 40 knots and again, never so much as a hint of stress on the house. So far we have covered the entire Washington/Oregon Coast, the entire Chesapeake Bay, Louisiana, the Mississippi, Miami to Everglade City around Key West, ½ the Texas coast, South Carolina, Georgia twice, 250 miles up the Columbia River, The Potomac and the James River.


Robert Butler


Vessel Assist San Diego


We absolutely still use the Pacific Pilothouse that we got from you guys, in fact it is on its second hull. Every winter the field guys are extremely glad to have the comfort of a dry ride and our electronics on board stay dry as well. People are always stopping us and asking about it. Great product and great service.


Royce Williams

Belaire Environmental

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