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If you're comparing a T-Top to a pilothouse ask yourself these 7 important questions and see if it's really a comparison at all. 


1. Is a T-Top going to protect you from cold wind and salty ocean spray?

Wind can be extremely cold and cause hearing loss and permanent damage over time.


2. Will a T-Top extend your work or boating season?

Why make payments on a boat sitting in storage when some of the best fishing happens in the fall and winter seasons.


3. Will a T-Top protect you and your electronics from harsh UV rays and salt water?

Electronics are expensive but more importantly we depend on them to navigate and get us home safe.


4. Can you run a windshield wiper on a T-Top keeping a safe and clear line of sight?

You can't avoid what you can't see. Prevent accidents before they happen.


5. Can you climate control a T-Top?

Controled cabin temperature puts less fatigue and stress on the captain and crew during extreme operating conditions, allowing you to comfortably complete your mission.


6. Will your canvas T-Top be maintenance free?

Looking through scratched plastic causes eye fatigue and stress on the captain. How many more canvas tops and isinglass enclosures will you have to buy in the future?


7. Does your T-Top come with a 10 year warranty?

You are lucky to get 3-5 years with canvas.


So if you're NOT getting the 7 crucial advantages above, then what's left but a little bit of shade. Lets think about that for a moment - Remember the last time you drove around the parking lot until you finally found the perfect shaded parking spot. Unfortunately, when you return you find the shade had moved to the next parking spot, and your car now sat directly in harsh sunlight. Well it's the same way with a T-Top.


At diffferent times of day the majority of shade is on the water, rather then on your boat. All of our pilothouses are commercialy built to last the life of your boat and beyond.


The following cost breakdown is a typical scenario that new boat buyers face when trying to escape the elements. 



Center Console


Canvas Enclosure or Hard Top


Replacement Canvas Every 3-5 Years


Replacement Isinglass Every 3-5 Years


Light & Outrigger Mounts


Radar Arch


Electronics Box


Your Time Cleaning + Maintaining


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T-TOP COST Can Easily Exceed $10,000+


Isn't it time to invest in a maintenance free PACIFIC PILOTHOUSE?

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