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Grande Zodiac
Grande Zodiac
Grande Zodiac
Grande Zodiac
Grande Zodiac TowBoat US Plane Crash
Grande Zodiac

The Grande is the perfect platform for your most critical and demanding missions. Time tested. Hurricane Tested. 


 From $27,570                                                        Grande Dimensions:

                                                                                  Height: 79 in. | Length: 148 in. | Width: 60 in.


The Grande is the most spacious and versatile pilothouse in our fleet, and a work boat favorite. This pilot house provides your entire crew with all-weather comfort and security. The interior may be custom configured to suit a wide range of operator needs including: crew quarters, secure storage, transport and more. Numerous seating options, ample dry storage, and available climate control provide an excellent level of crew comfort. An open bow area can also be configured; accessed through an aft door, or port or starboard helmside doors. A spacious helm easily accommodates installation of your vital electronics, and superb visibility is afforded 

by large opening windows. 


PACIFIC PILOTHOUSE supplies maintenance free wheelhouses engineered with mission specific ergonomics for extreme weather conditions and crew protection to FIRST RESPONDERS, COMMERCIAL SERVICES, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, and SPORT-FISHING platforms.


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