The Sport XR was created for water taxi transportation shuttle services that are looking to protect all there passengers and crew from the harsh UV rays of the sun. The standard roof section is 11 feet long but can be modified to mission specific length. This unique pilothouse shares the same highly integratable helm station as the Sport FD. With room for all steering, controls, gauges, Radios, and electronics within easy reach. This pilothouse gives you the winning edge to operate in a variety of marine environments while offering the helmsman the ability to communicate freely when docking or pulling up to another vessel.





From $18,800

Sport Short Dimensions:

Height: 79 in. | Length: 62 in. | Width: 60 in. | 



Sport Full XR Dimensions:

Height: 79 in. | Length: 78 in. | Width: 60 in. | 

PACIFIC PILOTHOUSE supplies maintenance free wheelhouses engineered with mission specific ergonomics for extreme weather conditions and crew protection to FIRST RESPONDERS, COMMERCIAL SERVICES, GOVERNMENT AGENCIES, and SPORT-FISHING platforms.


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